Bus Accident Lawyer in Toronto

Whether you were traveling on a public transit bus or driving your car, accidents involving commercial buses can often be serious and life threatening. A bus crash lawyer in Toronto can help you recover the damages you are entitled to after being injured in a wreck.

When you use the public transportation system, you are trusting the driver of the vehicle and those responsible for its condition with your life. When someone puts your life on the line by not following the letter of the law, or is irresponsible with his or her Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) duties, you can seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

A Toronto bus accident lawyer with Injury Disability Lawyers can examine the cause of the crash and who is to blame, as well as gather the necessary evidence, such as police reports and safety inspection logs, to put you in a powerful position during settlement negotiations.

When a Crash Is the Fault of a Driver

The most frequent cause of bus accidents is driver negligence. The bus driver may have been fatigued, made a poor traffic judgement call, or operated the vehicle while distracted. Distracted driving includes using a cell phone, reaching for something, or having your attention focused on anything other than driving safely.

If the driver of another motor vehicle on the road has engaged in unsafe driving, such as by making an improper turn or passing the bus illegally, then your bus crash lawyer will be sure to hold him or her responsible for the negligence involved.

Road Authority and Manufacturer Blame in Bus Accidents

In other cases, the bus driver might be doing everything required to keep the passengers safe and an accident will still occur. These situations give cause for your bus accident lawyer to look into any liability the bus company and parts manufacturers have in your suit. If a tire or part of the bus malfunctioned, the bus manufacturer or a servicing garage could be to blame.

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation believes the safety of commercial vehicle passengers is of the utmost importance. They have enacted specific regulations for the safety of bus riders. These requirements include all of the following:

  • Daily Operator and Vehicle Inspections – These should be done twenty-four hours before driving and will include an inspection report that covers the condition of the bus systems and components, as well as any defects the driver noted during the daily trip.
  • Technician Training on Wheel Separation – A wheel separation occurs when the wheel becomes detached from its bearings and is flung into the air, thereby putting passengers and other motorists at risk. By an Ontario law known as “Absolute Liability for Wheel Separation,” the daily inspection of the vehicle must include the wheel fasteners, axles, and bearings.  
  • Regular Inspections – Random stops of public transit systems should include a check of the inspection report and a walk-around check of the vehicle, adding any imperfections that are found.
  • Speed Limits – A maximum speed of 105 km/h is allowed.
  • Mandatory On-Duty and Off-Duty Driving Times – The TTC administrative offices must schedule drivers with a maximum of thirteen hours of driving per day, a minimum of ten hours without driving, and a maximum of seventy hours of driving per week.

Should manufacturers, technicians, inspectors, TTC employees, or other transit officials bypass these regulations and cause you an injury while riding public transportation, your lawyer will include them in your personal injury claim and prove their liability for your injuries and losses.

The Ontario Statute of Limitations and Your Rights

Immediately following the bus accident, you probably aren’t thinking about your potential lawsuit. It is important, however, that once you are medically able, to get in touch with a Toronto bus accident lawyer.

This is because the statute of limitations for filing a claim in these cases is only two years in Ontario. You’ll likely be in need of your compensation as soon as possible to cover any medical bills that have not been covered by the Canada Health Act, such as prescription drugs or long-term physical therapy, and any lost wages both since the accident and in the future.

Consult with a Bus Accident Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

When you suffer injury in a public transit collision as a result of another’s negligence, you should not be held responsible for your injuries. A Toronto bus accident lawyer at Injury Disability Lawyers is here to build your case against those responsible for the collision. Give us a call today at 647-556-5888 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.