Critical Illness Policy Lawyers

Critical Illness Denial Lawyers

Having a critical illness can create a very stressful and unpredictable time. Being denied benefits of your critical illness policy can only create further distress. Our critical illness denial lawyers have helped many clients obtain critical illness, life-insurance, and long-term disability benefits they need and deserve.

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Our team includes:

  • Litigation and dispute resolution experience: specialists in civil litigation and dispute resolution who have negotiated thousands of critical illness and insurance dispute claims.
  • Medical knowledge: healthcare professionals that will assess your condition and provide independent advice.
  • Insurance law knowledge: former insurance adjusters who understand how insurance companies work.

Common reasons critical illness policies are denied:

  • Does not meet the policy definitions
  • Payments were not made
  • Insufficient information was provided to insurer
  • Insurer may have not thoroughly analyzed the medical documents
  • There were allegations of omissions or misrepresentations of medical history

When you are unable to work due to an illness that is noted on your policy, you deserve timely and full payment of available compensation when you or your employer have made regular payments to your critical illness policy insurers.

In cases where insurers refuse or delay payment, our lawyers have the necessary knowledge of insurance law and litigation procedure to successfully pursue and obtain payment of your insurance payouts.

If you or someone you love has suffered a critical illness and has an insurance policy, or has been denied their rightful benefits, contact one of our experienced insurance lawyers for legal help.

We offer a free initial consultation and you don’t pay until your case is settled or won.

Our critical illness claim lawyers can work with your physicians to prove the extent of your illness while anticipating and countering insurers’ attempts to deny benefits. For your convenience we offer:

  • Free initial consultations
  • No cost until the case is settled or won
  • Fluency in various languages including: Farsi, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Hindi, Punjabi and many more
  • Availability for hospital and home visits
  • Availability for evening and weekend appointments
  • Accessibility via public transportation
  • Multiple offices including in North York, Markham, and Thornhill for clients’ convenience

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