Toronto Disability FAQ

When you purchase a disability insurance policy, you expect the benefits you’re paying for to kick in when you’re injured and unable to work. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple, and deserving Toronto disability claimants are often left with unfair denials and a whole lot of questions.

The experienced attorneys at Injury Disability Lawyers are here to answer those questions and help you get the disability benefits you paid for. Below, you’ll find some common questions and answers about Toronto disability claims.

What's the difference between short- and long-term disability?

The primary difference between short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) is the length of time you’ll be able to receive benefits. You usually collect STD benefits for a maximum period of six months. Then, you can move on to LTD benefits once you’ve used up any sick time you might’ve had prior to your injury.

Can I file a disability claim for a mental condition?

All disability insurance policies should outline specific conditions that are coverable. Because mental conditions are able to be easily diagnosed and have treatment plans, your disability benefits should be approved for a mental disorder like depression, anxiety, and stress-related conditions.

Why do disability claims get denied?

A disability claim can be denied for any number of reasons, the most frequent reason being improper paperwork, incomplete filing of the application, failing to disclose a pre-existing condition, the insurer stating that you aren’t as disabled as you claim to be, and your condition not being covered under your policy.

What's a critical illness policy?

A critical illness policy is a type of disability insurance in which the policyholder can be paid in one lump sum or over a period of time if he or she has a qualifying illness deemed critical. These financial resources can be used as a supplement for lost income, to pay for treatment or recovery, or even to cover expenses like mortgages.

Do I need a lawyer to appeal a disability denial?

Having the assistance of an attorney can’t hurt your appeal. A Toronto disability insurance lawyer will have experience dealing with wrongful denials and other common reasons your claim might’ve been denied. We will know what your options are for gaining a swift approval so you can obtain the benefits you’re entitled to.

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