Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto

When you’ve been disabled long term, your health can be overshadowed by ominous questions on how you will survive without income—especially if your disability insurance claim has been denied. A Toronto LTD lawyer can help you appeal the decision and get the benefits you need.

The purpose of long-term disability (LTD) insurance is to support you when a disabling condition will prevent you from earning a living for years to come. Having your LTD claim denied can be shocking and cause you unnecessary stress and anxiety about your future. How will you pay your bills or put food on the table? What’s going to happen next?

A Toronto long-term disability lawyer at Injury Disability Lawyers can assist you in reversing your denial and obtaining maximum compensation from your disability policy. We have a tried-and-true track record in helping our clients get the benefits they’re entitled to.

Qualifying for Long-Term Disability

To be eligible for long-term disability benefits, specific requirements must be met. While every policy is different, most will only pay LTD benefits once an employee’s earned sick-time has been used up and short-term disability benefits have ended.

Once your long-term disability benefits have begun, they will typically be paid for up to two years. In some cases, once that time has passed, continuing to receive benefits will require an assessment to see if you are considered disabled for just the occupation you were working at the time you became disabled, or if you are disabled for any occupation.

Medically speaking, you will qualify for LTD benefits if you are found to be completely disabled. Conditions that would meet this criterion are generally debilitating and could include autoimmune diseases, paralysis, and chronic pain disorders.

Your Toronto LTD lawyer will make sure to provide specific documentation from the medical professionals treating you (such as X-rays or MRI results) to your insurance provider when appealing your initial denial or filing your disability claim.

The Basis for Denying LTD Benefits

Common reasons why your insurer may have denied your claim for benefits are undocumented pre-existing conditions, technical errors on the disability declaration form, adjudicators making a decision without adequate information, and insurer assumption that you're not disabled “enough” to receive benefits.

The long-term disability lawyers from our firm are here to assist you throughout the appeals process. We will go over every aspect of your claim to correct any errors and produce expert testimony from your physician to prove your inability to work and support yourself.

Reach Out to a Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

If your disability claim has been denied, Injury Disability Lawyers is here to help you file an appeal and prove your need for LTD benefits. When you’ve purchased a policy designed to protect against these types of unforeseen medical circumstances and your insurer refuses to pay up, our firm will work to obtain the full benefits you are entitled to.

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