What to Do When a Disability Claim Is Denied

You were probably surprised when you opened up a disability benefits denial letter from your insurance company. Unfortunately, denials like these are far too common.

You already have too much to worry about without the added pressure of figuring out how you will continue to support your family now that you are unable to work. When you took out a disability insurance policy, you assumed you would be taken care of in instances like this.

At Injury Disability Lawyers, we care about our clients’ needs and have experience in dealing with these types of denials. Below, we have outlined what to do when your disability claim is denied.

Common Reasons for a Disability Denial

Insurance companies routinely deny policyholders’ claims. Keep in mind that insurance companies do not want to pay on claims under any circumstances because that means they lose money.

Often, in cases of disability denials, insurers will suggest you were dishonest about your medical history on your primary application for insurance coverage.

Known as “misrepresentation,” this claim is essentially saying that your disability is a result of a pre-existing condition that should have been disclosed when you first submitted your policy information. If your insurer can prove you were anything other than truthful, it is not obligated to approve your benefits.

Insurance adjusters will also make false assumptions about the severity of your disability, arguing that you should be able to do more than you are claiming to be capable of. They can require that you submit further documentation proving your disabling condition.

If you seek the assistance of a disability insurance lawyer at Injury Disability Lawyers, we will be able to examine your denial to determine the insurance company’s reason for turning down your claim and then move forward accordingly to obtain the benefits you deserve.

Appealing Your Denied Claim

Once you’ve been denied benefits, you will have the right to appeal the insurer’s decision. We will work with you and your physicians to submit all additional documentation and complete further testing if necessary to establish the true nature of your disabling condition.

We will also pursue written statements from your doctors to add credibility to your claim. In addition, it may be wise to obtain statements from any individuals who can vouch for the effects your condition has had on your life.

By answering all the items the insurer lists in your denial, your attorney will give you a greater chance of receiving disability benefits from your insurance company.

Get Help from a Toronto Disability Lawyer

Enlisting the help of a Toronto disability lawyer at Injury Disability Lawyers  can show the insurance company that you mean business. You don’t have to miss out on the benefits you are entitled to just because an insurer has decided to deny your claim. We will fight back to get you the compensation you need to carry on with your life.

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