Dog Bite Lawyer in Toronto

When you’ve been bitten or attacked by a dangerous canine, the owner is liable for your injuries. Reach out to a dog bite lawyer in Toronto to obtain the financial compensation you’re entitled to.

While the majority of dogs are faithful companions who would never hurt anyone, there are some circumstances where dogs will behave in dangerous ways, including biting, clawing, or being overly aggressive. Usually this happens because they feel threatened, are very young, or are improperly trained.

Dog attacks can be a frightening, jarring experience. If you are the victim of a canine bite, you may be badly shaken and unsure of what’s to come. It goes without saying that the animal cannot be held financially responsible for its actions; however, the owner certainly can be.

At Injury Disability Lawyers, our goal is to ease your mind while handling your injury claim. A Toronto dog bite lawyer from our office will protect your rights as a victim. We will take the necessary measures to prove how you were bitten and to obtain comprehensive compensation for your suffering.

Ontario Dog Bite Laws

Toronto law states that when a dog bites someone, the owner of the dog is responsible. It is always the duty of the owner to do everything possible to prevent menacing and dangerous canine behaviour. In instances where the dog’s owner had previous knowledge of threatening behaviour or somehow caused the attack, you may be entitled to additional compensation.

The pet owner will be required to take specific precautions with the dog after it’s bitten someone. These precautions include the following:

  • Use of a leash or muzzle
  • Posting warning signs on his or her property
  • Confining the animal to the property
  • Registering the canine as a dangerous dog with “dangerous dog” tags if it is the animal’s second offense
  • Microchipping
  • Extensive training with a dangerous dog professional trainer

If the court determines that the dog has a malicious or menacing temperament, the owner will be held liable for the victim’s injuries and, in some instances, be ordered to sterilize the dog. In particularly serious cases, the canine may even be ordered put down. This would only be ordered in instances where the judge saw a high probability of another attack.

Contributory Negligence and Your Dog Attack Claim

The concept of contributory negligence is common in personal injury lawsuits. Essentially, this means that if you were partially responsible for the dog attack, you would receive a smaller settlement.

The dog owner may suggest that you were trespassing on the property or behaving in an aggressive way. An attempt to pet or engage with the dog in some way could also result in being found at least partially culpable.

Your dog bite lawyer will protect you from such claims and put the blame where it should be: on the negligent dog owner.

When You’ve Been Bitten by a Canine

If the canine bite broke the skin, you probably sought medical treatment. Your Toronto dog bite attorney will obtain photographic evidence and medical records pertaining to the bite in order to build your case.

We will also gather witness statements and veterinary records if it seems as though the animal is hostile by nature. It is important that we demonstrate that you were the victim of an aggressive dog through no fault of your own. Doing so will allow you to obtain the maximum settlement amount when negotiating a payout or going to court.

Compensation in Canine Attacks

After you’ve been mauled by a dog, you likely have significant physical and emotional damages. Your lawyer will work with you to establish every way that the attack has impacted your life in order to obtain the most possible compensation.

A few of the most common injuries resulting from a mauling will incur medical expenses not covered under the Canada Health Act (CHA), such as psychiatric services you might need if severely traumatized. You might also need to recover compensation for prescription drugs for pain, irreparable disfigurement, lost wages, and lost enjoyment of life. Our firm is determined to see you achieve financial security for what you’ve been through.

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