How to Tell Your Insurance Benefits Are Being Unfairly Denied

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. So even though you purchased an insurance policy and should have the peace of mind that you’ll be protected, it often doesn’t work out that simply.

An increasing number of insurers are using questionable tactics to deny even the most deserving claimants in an attempt to protect the profit margins of the company with complete disregard for the needs of policyholders.

This is why we’ve made it a priority to bring to light some of the most common reasons insurance adjusters wrongfully deny claims. That way, you have an opportunity to keep an eye out for these red flags.

Unacceptable Reasons for Insurance Benefit Denials

You will have a reason to believe your insurer has wrongfully denied your claim for benefits if the company exhibits any of these unscrupulous behaviors:

  • Denying your claim without properly investigating
  • Saying you are not injured enough to warrant coverage
  • Delaying the dispersal of your benefits
  • Making an offer that is significantly lower than that of your policy limits
  • Misrepresenting the details of your claim

Insurers only have a right to deny your claim in a handful of situations. Being dishonest on your application for benefits (e.g., if you were a smoker but lied about it to get a lower premium, or if you knowingly withheld a pre-existing condition), misfiling your paperwork, or needing additional supporting medical documentation are all valid reasons for denying an insurance claim.

What to Do with Unreasonable Denials

When your claim has been denied for any reason, you have the right to appeal the decision. Whether the appeal will be successful will depend on the reason for the denial and your ability to respond accordingly. We can bring forward additional information in support of your condition, submit to an independent medical exam, and request a hearing in front of a judge, should one become necessary.

Being denied your insurance benefits doesn’t have to be the end of the road. We can pursue many other options to obtain the benefits and coverage you’re entitled to so you don’t have to be plagued by undue financial worry.

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