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After suffering an injury in an accident, you deserve to be compensated, but how do you know if the other side is treating you fairly? Work with a personal injury lawyer in Toronto to ensure that you recover the full cost of your damages.

No matter how careful you are and no matter how cautious you are, you simply cannot predict the actions of others—nor can you count on them to consider the consequences of said actions. In fact, thousands of Canadians are injured every year because of the negligence of others.

When this happens to you, there’s more to take into account than just the injury the accident caused. Depending on how serious the injury is and its exact nature, you might require healthcare beyond what’s normally covered by Medicare. You might be unable to work while you heal, and you might suffer a number of quality-of-life losses, such as emotional trauma and significant pain and suffering.

If this sounds like your situation, a Toronto personal injury lawyer from Injury Disability Lawyers can help. We have over fifteen years of experience assisting the injured in recovering the full compensation they are owed for what they’ve been through. We can help you get the justice you deserve.

Personal Injury Claims Take Many Forms

While the accidents that cause injuries are many and varied, in the end, if someone else’s negligence caused your injury, you might be able to hold him or her accountable through a personal injury claim.

An experienced personal injury lawyer from our firm can make the process of investigating the accident and collecting the evidence necessary for proving who was liable as easy as possible. Our practice has successfully recovered monetary compensation on behalf of clients for a variety of case types:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – From car crashes to motorcycle wrecks to 18-wheeler accidents, automobile collisions are easily the most common accident type to leave people with catastrophic and serious injuries. The drivers, passengers, and everyone involved in maintaining the roads and vehicles will need to be considered for fault during the investigation.
  • Work Accidents – While Ontario’s workers comp laws limit the ability of employees to sue their employers for damages, negligent third parties such as passersby and product manufacturers can be held responsible when they are at fault for a work injury.
  • Premises Liability – Property and building owners have legal obligations when it comes to ensuring the safety of visitors and tenants. Whether you were bit by a dog, slipped and fell on a slick surface, or suffered serious injuries in a ceiling collapse, if the property owner’s negligence can be proven, you can recover compensation.
  • Defective Products – Product manufacturers often rush new products to market in their eagerness to begin making money. You shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of injuries caused by dangerous designs and poor quality control.

Don’t Risk a Small Injury Settlement

What you do in the time immediately following an accident can have a tremendous impact on the compensation you could potentially be eligible for. The at-fault party’s insurer or lawyer is very likely to contact you in the hopes of obtaining a statement or agreement that limits their financial liability.

It is always best to avoid speaking with these individuals until after you’ve consulted with a Toronto personal injury lawyer from our office. A claims adjuster, for example, might seem sympathetic and ask for a statement in order to “expedite” your injury claim. However, if this statement can be used by the insurer to pin blame on you, it will be—even if that means using it out of context.

Likewise, you might be offered a settlement that sounds like a lot of money. Unfortunately, many injury victims accept these offers only to discover that they fall far short of covering all of the damages caused by the accident that hurt them.

Our personal injury lawyers have been helping Toronto residents assess the true value of their claims for going on two decades now. We’ll handle all of the communication with the insurance company and opposing lawyers for you, which means that you’ll never have to worry about getting tricked into giving them an advantage or signing away your rights.

Know the Cost of Your Injuries

While Ontario’s healthcare system covers essential healthcare, there are many medical costs that can fall outside of this. If you weren’t responsible for your accident, then according to the Negligence Act, the at-fault party needs to compensate you for these costs.

A spinal injury, for example, might require regular chiropractic care that isn’t covered by Medicare in our province. Even beyond that, serious back injuries can greatly limit your mobility, potentially requiring you to obtain expensive in-home care that might also not be covered.

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) could likewise require this sort of long-term care. Brain injuries also often go hand-in-hand with emotional trauma, the treatment of which might not be covered.

And of course, serious injuries of all sorts are almost certain to require prescription medication in order to make the fullest recovery possible. The cost of drugs combined with all your other losses means that you could be entitled to a substantial monetary award—and you can bet that the initial settlement offer produced by the at-fault party will likely fall far short of the full amount.

Recover All the Damages You Are Owed for Your Injuries

Your Toronto personal injury lawyer will work with you to fully assess how much your injuries will cost you. We won’t just take into account the economic losses, either—your lawyer will also ensure that you recover compensation for your non-economic damages, or how your quality of life has suffered.

This even extends to how your injuries will affect you years down the road. If a catastrophic injury is going to leave you unable to work, then your future income loss needs to be included in your settlement now. These are just a few of the losses that our injury lawyers can help you obtain:

  • Medical costs not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, such as chiropractic care, certain types of mental healthcare, and prescription medication
  • Lost wages, income, and earning ability
  • Cost to renovate your home to accommodate a new disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

Additionally, your injury might also qualify you to receive disability benefits from your own insurer. If this is the case, a personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you maximize the benefits you receive.

Connect with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto

When you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, the last thing you need is an insurance company or the at-fault party’s legal representative trying to take advantage of you and leave you undercompensated. At Injury Disability Lawyers, we can help you recover the full cost of your damages and losses; you’ll never have to worry that you’re leaving money on the table.

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer. To get started, simply complete the contact form found on this page or give us a call directly at 647-556-5888.

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