Psychological Disability Lawyers in Toronto

Psychological Disability

Anxiety, depression, nervous disorder, bi-polarism, personality disorder, or manic, are examples of mental conditions that can become serious disabilities.  Where such conditions significantly affect your ability to work, you may be entitled to disability benefits.

How do I know if my psychological condition may qualify me for Disability Benefits?

  • Determine if you have a diagnosis from a medical professional;
  • Determine if the diagnosis and prognosis meets the definition set out in the policy

Evidence that can help verify your condition:

  • Medical diagnosis and prognosis
  • Reports from Experts
  • Treatment plans with psychiatrist and/or psychological counselling
  • Diary showing impact of your disorder in work and personal life.

If you feel you have a psychological disability and want to know your rights or have been denied disability related to a psychological condition, please contact our disability lawyers today for a free consultation. 1-647-556-5888