Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer in Toronto

Life after a serious illness or injury may be filled with unexpected challenges that make recovery or adaptation to your condition more difficult. One of the more traumatic challenges can be fear and uncertainty over losing your job.

You may find yourself being treated as "damaged goods" by your employer after your injury. You may find yourself being fired, or threatened with firing, with no regard for your years of work and dedication. You may feel pressure to quit.

Keeping Them Honest

Our lawyer for wrongful dismissals can help you if your employer:

  • Tells you that you must return to work or be fired, or refuses to believe your disability even though there is medical evidence for it
  • Tells you that you must return to work after hearing that your disability benefits have been denied
  • Makes things difficult for you at work, for example by changing your working conditions so much that you feel you may have no option but to quit
  • Refuses to make changes to your working conditions to accommodate your disability
  • Claims that you are in breach of your obligations to provide medical documents

If you have been dismissed based on disability, we can talk to your employer and point out their legal obligations to you, whether that involves allowing you to stay on disability, accommodating you, or not putting pressure on you to quit.

If proof of disability is the issue, we can help you gather the right medical and other documentation. If you have been denied benefits, we can explain that you are not abandoning your disability claim, but are in the process of appealing.

If the situation at your job cannot be salvaged, we can ensure you get fair compensation.

The law is on your side. Unfortunately, time may not be, as there are strict time limits in terms of fighting wrongful dismissals based on disability. If you have been fired, or suspect you may be, act now to get us involved. Otherwise, you may lose out on the opportunity to get what you are owed because of time limits.

If you have been wrongfully dismissed by your employer, or fear you may be, call our wrongful dismissal lawyer at 647-556-5888. Let us help.

Our lawyers will assist you in commencing a claim against your employer for wrongful dismissal and/or will assist you with obtaining a remedy based on discrimination as a result of your disability, before the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and Ontario Human Rights Commission.